About Us

Kebaya NZ is a growing Malay traditional fashion brand based in Auckland , New Zealand. Inspired by the strong urge of wanting to wear traditional cloth when residing overseas,  we finally found an idea to start Kebaya NZ ; an affordable Malay traditional cloth business that aiming to offer FREE DELIVERY for all customers worldwide. 

We're proud to share the beauty of Malay traditional clothing globally , delivering these beautiful garments straight to you in just a click away wherever you are !

Kebaya NZ is catered for all men and women of different styles and background, with aim of Malay fashion to be more accepted and celebrated widely by everyone around the world. We are fully committed to give our best in terms of service and variety without compromising quality. Be a part of our Kebaya NZ family and follow our journey of crafting and creating beautiful pieces and lines through our Instagram @kebaya.nz . A home-grown Malaysian fashion catering to a global audience.